Goree Enterprises | Dallas, TX

Onsite Printing Service


Why Onsite Printing?

  • Souvenir for event attendees
  • Easy way to advertise your brand
  • Fun, interactive activity
  • Instant gratification, prints within a minute
  • Higher quality then photo booth

        Onsite Printing Options

We provide photography with onsite printing services for any and all events. Photo booths are always a huge hit at every event. Whether it is formal or a casual event. Nothing makes a photo booth better than having the instant gratification of having the photos printed instantly for guests to take home with them.

  •  Formal Gatherings
  • Various “Fun-Themed” (Props Included)
  • Headshots for professionals
  • Green Screen
  • Group Photos

         Options for Onsite Printing

We have a variety of different ways to deliver the photos to your guests to best fit your needs and budget.

  • Print sizes include 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, and 13×19 posters prints.
  • Cardboard frames.
  • Inexpensive plastic sleeves to put the prints into.
  • Packages for guests to buy prints.
  • Option to prepay for prints so guests can get them for free.

         What Goree Enterprises Stands for…

  •  Delivering a return on our client’s investment with our photography services.
  • Accommodating all of your photography needs with one company.
  • Being reliable and professional by always showing up before the scheduled time to become fully acquainted and comfortable with the venue to make full use of the time allotted for providing our services.
  • Prepared and fully equipped with all necessary equipment with backups available and the staff of up to 10 photographers, 5 assistants and an office manager to ensure everything goes smoothly to allow the client to feel at ease.
  • Being the photographer you need whether that be us going unnoticed shooting candid photos or being assertive grouping people together and making sure all photos requested on the shot lists are captured.
  • Delivering the final images from an event instantly on-site with our on-site printing abilities or at the latest with our 72 hours turn-around time.
  • Providing quality, unmatched service that forms a relationship of trust with our clients. 

         What Makes Us Different?

  • Large dependable staff of photographers and assistants that all went through our 6 month training program.
  • Backups of all of our equipment and people on call for every event in case there are any malfunctions or discrepancies.
  • Instant turnaround times on images and no later than 72 hours after the event.
  • Approach each gig as a consultant to insure we ask the right questions and can deliver you exactly what you need.
  • Leading photographers in the community.